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Homoeopathic care clinics are the creation of two dedicated Homoeopathic practitioners, Dr A Kannan and Dr Jyothi kannan. Numerous patients have been cured, alleviated of their disease and have been able to experience the bliss of Homoeopathy. We have shown the world the powerful capabilities and benefits of Homoeopathy. Our network of specialists are perfectly placed to provide the most efficacious Homoeopathic treatment possible. Our extensive combined knowledge not only provides excellent treatment for various diseased conditions but also enlightens the patients about their disease and perfect treatment plan. We also provide academic excellence to the budding Homoeopathic students and practitioners in our Homoeo Academy. We run a unique , one of its kind Dermatological, Trichological and Rheumatological unit, were therapies are performed to give holistic relief to the patient in Skin, Hair and joints Unit.

Our Specialties



Homoeopathy enhances the immunity, thus making the body resistant to the allergens. Homoeopathy is excellent in the treatment of allergic conditions.

Dermatology [Skin] & Trichology [Hair]

Homoeopathic Care is a one stop solution to all skin and hair conditions. We provide internal treatment and external therapy to promote cure in all fronts.

Bone & Joints

We provide exemplary services in bone and joint diseases.

Life Style Diseases

Where other systems provide temporary relief and patient is turned in to web of diseases, there Homoeopathy treats it from roots, improving the patients vitality and immunity.



Homoeopathy is a holistic system where patient is considered not as organs or parts but as a complete unit. All the diseases are together consideredfor treatment. Unlike other systems where a separate medicine is given for each disease and patient ends up having 5-10 tablets, in Homoeopathy a single medicine covering all the diseases is prescribed. So Homoeopathy acts as a one stop solution for all diseases.


Homoeopathy is famous for its this quality. It removes the disease in rapid, gentle and permanent manner yet not causing any side effects.


Disease attacks human body by lowering its immunity and Homoeopathy cures diseases by boosting this immunity. Homoeopathy is highly efficacious even in auto immune diseases like Psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis, where our body attacks its own cells.


Hahnemann was basically a Allopath but being discontented and dissatisfied with its way of treating patients, where medicines are given without any thorough knowledge of its action and more harm is done than good, totally stopped practicing it. When he could not bear the suffering humanity around him, he started researching. The fruit of his hard work and research helped him discover Homoeopathy. He was convinced by the laws on which Homeopathy stands “Similia Similibuscurantur”. In Homoeopathy the action of drugs are studied by proving them on Healthy individuals not unlike allopathy were medicines are tested on animals. This was also creation of great mind of Hahnemann.


As Homoeopathy is a system which follows holistic concept, the first consultation is not a mere consultation but an indepth study of the patient. All the data is collected and studied starting from the complaints, History- past, medical and familial, details of patient’s, likes and dislikes, thermal state and most importantly the mental state of patient are essential for prescription. Details of all the diseases which are coexisting are absolute necessity. A Homoeopath basis his prescription on all these details furnished properly by patient or bystanders.

How does a Homeopath Help?

A Homeopath’s approach takes into consideration not only the name of the disease but also how the individual is uniquely impacted on a physical, mental and emotional level. Homeopathy works on the law of similars, is safe and effective and seeks to remove the underlying cause of a disease. A Homeopath’s treatment is holistic and individualised medicines are selected to help restore health, balance and wellbeing. Homeopathic medicines are made from plant, minerals and other organic substances.

To gain more of an understanding, if we take an example of a name of a disease ‘headache’, the Homeopath considers how a person is uniquely impacted by the headache, how the headache is brought on, the location, modalities and sensation of pain, as well as any other symptoms the person maybe experiencing. The Homeopath works to find an appropriate remedy to treat all the symptoms unique to the individual based on their headache. The Homeopath may have several patients who are treated for headaches but receive different medicines based on their unique and individual symptoms.

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