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Homeo Academy

Homeo Academy is a prestigious academy for training the young minds of Homoeopathic students. This Academy is fruit of hard work by 2 renowned Homoeopathic Practitioners, Dr Jyothi Kannan and Dr kannan.

The whole objective of this academy is to give detailed explanation of works of Hahnemann and other famous physicians of that time like Kent, H.A.Roberts , Stuart Close, Dunham, etc.

The very reason why this academy came in to existence is for training the Students and practitioners in details on Organon, Materia Medica and Repertory [the three pillars of Homoeopathy].

Students and Practitioners face many difficulties while studying Organon Of Medicine, some of them are-

  • Understanding the Aphorisms
  • Byhearting the Aphorisms
  • Language used in Organon of medicine and other books of Philosophy
  • Importance of footnotes
  • Importance of Organon in practice
  • Practical Applications
  • Different views on same topic by different Authors creating confusion
  • Importance of Aphorism in day to day practice
  • Some topics are scattered through out Organon of Medicine, eg. Classification of diseases, which makes it difficult for students to follow and understand
  • Understanding the Introduction to Organon of Medicine
  • Understanding the Concept of Miasms
  • Case Taking
  • Susceptibility
  • Potency selection

Improper knowledge of the above-mentioned topics are experienced only when we start our own practice.

Homeo Academy focuses on all the above difficulties faced by the students and practitioners. We clear all doubts and difficulties faced,so that we get good and consistent results while practicing.

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